touchtheSky is Alive! Wedding Edition!

It's alive! touchtheSky 2.0 - Wedding Edition!

touchtheSky is back, shinier and slicker than ever. Recoded with jQuery for improved compatibility, updated for Opera 11 and brought into line with the latest style guidelines.

ttSky 1.13 now available

Only minor changes in this version:

  • Forecast summary font reduced slightly
  • Fix for date-formatting bug

ttSky v1.12 now available

Plenty of changes under the hood with this one, mostly internal documentation.

However, there are some new features:

  • Shrunk the forecast summary down a little more
  • A new close button at the bottom of each drawer, to save having to check which drawer is open in order to close
  • The first version of a new skin - minimalist for simpler tastes and those with operating systems that are having problems with transparency. Hopefully it should also give you some ideas as to what is possible.
  • Moved to Yahoo! YUI library for data connection, increasing speed and reliability

touchtheSky now available to Digg - also on Newsvine


As you might know by now, touchtheSky is my entry in the Widget World Cup.

I was lucky enough to get through to the final phase, and now I need your help.

If you've haven't downloaded version 1.1, it would help me greatly if you could.

You can also now register your interest in ttSky by submitting a vote to Digg (log in required). This will help me greatly!

Edit: Now also available on Newsvine!

v1.1 now available

This version brings a raft of new data, and a much-improved forecast section, as well as a proper mini-mode.

The v1.1 change list includes:

  • Improved mini mode - finally takes up less space than the original!
  • More atmospheric data - barometric pressure, precipitation, mold and pollen levels
  • Astronomical data - track the positions of the planets through the day
  • Full 7-day forecast - with rain and snow predictions, and sunrise/set times
  • Link to Google Maps for the selected location
  • Windspeeds now in either m/s or km/h, and temperatures available using AccuWeather's RealFeel®

touchtheSky v1.0

The official Version 1.0 is now out!

Thank you to all reading this message who have downloaded and installed the widget. Unless you switch it off, this news feed will always keep you up-to-date when a new version is available, so you'll always have the latest and greatest.

touchtheSky is in competition for the Widget World Cup Final, so please pass the download link to all your Opera-loving friends, or any web-heads that might be interested in studying widgets!

Always available at You can also subscribe to this news feed in an RSS reader with this link.

touchtheSky v0.5 preview

The current version of touchtheSky is 0.5 preview. This version adds a lot more infor to the 'full' view, fading between drawers, a clearer configuration, a larger satellite image, improved error dialogs and several bug fixes.

As always, downloadable at

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